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Social Programs

National Foods and Drink Party: For the first day we want our participants to meet and get to know each other with a warm atmosphere. One of the best moments of IFMSA events will take place “National Food and Drink Party” but it’ll have a difference than the others it’ll be “Pajama Party” themed.

Karaoke Night: We will bring a fresh breath to SCORP Events. By organizing karaoke nights, we will have the opportunity to hear various cultures and languages. Get ready for a music festival. Let’s celebrate our diversity with music.

Boat Trip: If you’re ready to witness the unique beauty of the Bosphorus Strait up close, we invite you to Scorp Camp 2024. Get ready to embark on a unique tour along the strait that connects Europe and Asia, accompanied by your favorite music, and immerse yourself in the sights of Istanbul.

More to come soon.

Theme Event

“Forging Unity in Crisis” emphasizes the crucial need for a unified global response to disasters, disaster risk reduction, and humanitarian action. This topic underscores the importance of fostering collaboration, creativity, and shared responsibility to enhance global resilience amidst growing challenges.

Given the rising frequency and complexity of emergencies worldwide, including climate change, conflicts, and pandemics, there’s a pressing need for proactive, cross-border measures. This requires establishing a collective responsibility among nations to addres these challenges together.

The theme acknowledges humanitarian crises stemming from conflicts, displacement, and socioeconomic disparities. It emphasizes the necessity of integrating disaster risk reduction efforts with effective humanitarian action to ensure timely assistance for those in need.

Ultimately, “Forging Unity in Crisis” serves as a pivotal platform for addressing interconnected issues related to disasters, disaster risk, and humanitarian action. By promoting collaboration, innovation, and diversity, it aims to ignite a global movement toward resilience and solidarity in an increasingly complex and uncertain world.


International Training on Disaster Medicine (ITDM)

Disasters happen every day in different places and as we are future medical practitioners we have to be ready for possible scenarios. The most important thing on disaster is efficient and active management and it can only be done by well- trained medical practitioners. This workshop will bring you a revision of your first-aid skills, will advise you how to lead as a medical professionals in the moment of need and will start the discussion about sometimes otherwise diminished human rights and the necessity to advocate for them.

Training New Trainers (TNT)

Training division forms the backbone of our organization and goes through all Standing Committees as it is necessary to communicate and present ourselves, to cope with personal and interpersonal issues, or to take a lead in difficult situations during students’, personal or professional life. A Training New Trainers (TNT) addresses subjects that are shared between projects and aims to provide you and the other participants with a broad foundation in a variety of basic topics. It uses high pace interactive workshops to challenge comfort zones, stimulate creativity and shape self-consciousness. After TNT, you will be tasked to conduct a training of your own in a subject of your own choosing. Once completed, you will have the honor of joining the ranks of IFMSA international trainers and may take part in the education of the next generation of medical students worldwide.Does it sound intriguing, challenging or even a bit scary? Well, then aTNT is definitely something for you. Be you outgoing or shy, experienced or new, interested to teach or to grow as a person, a TNT will help you to the next level.

Population on Move: Migration and Human Trafficking

This workshop will point to the population who have been forced to be onroad and have sessions about refugees, asylum seekers, and the people who exposed modern slavery (human trafficking) and their health problems. As future healthcare workers, we need to discuss our role for global refugee crisis and their life condition, violations of their rights and solutions for the common problems for refugees in the world and focus on human trafficking and its global consequences. So this workshop follows the global and regional approach to these topics and discusses possible solving methods for these problems. Come and join us and don’t miss the chance to improve yourself with brainstorming activities, debates,interactive presentations, games, videos, and much more.

Training New Human Rights Trainers (TNHRT) 

Human Rights are fundamental and insatiable for every human being, and basic knowledge is important for all. Possibly, it is even greater importance for future health professionals, as our role will be to help people in difficult situations. Because of that, human rights advocates. Maybe naïve, maybe brave and still an important part of IFMSA. In this workshop, we will discuss the basic principles of human rights and the rights to health. We will also address vulnerable groups, peace and conflicts as well as roles and responsibilities in relation to human rights.The training is based on a peer-to-peer approach with emphasis on interactive exercises, where participants from different countries will share experiences with each other.

ITHRE: International Training on Human Rights Education

The 1993 World Conference on Human Rights emphasized teaching human rights to foster community harmony, understanding, tolerance, and peace. Human Rights Education (HRE) aims to cultivate a culture of respect, fairness, and cooperation, empowering individuals to engage effectively in society and promote gender equality.In line with this, the International Training on Human Rights Education (ITHRE) equips participants with advocacy and educational skills in human rights. This workshop has been updated to meet evolving needs. It’s essential for SCORP members and human rights advocates, offering practical tools to address challenges and uphold SCORP’s Vision & Mission. ITHRE fosters a supportive community of human rights advocates, promoting awareness and commitment to human rights principles. Ultimately, it’s a vital opportunity for individuals dedicated to creating a fair and peaceful world by ensuring widespread understanding and appreciation of human rights.

Human Rights for Medical Practitioners (HRMP)

It stands as a distinctive initiative within the SCORP community, offering an advanced platform aimed at empowering participants in various advocacy realms. Unlike traditional workshops like TNHRT, HRMP goes beyond by fostering capacities in diverse advocacy arenas. With a track record spanning PreGAs, PreRMs, SRTs, and SCORP Camps, HRMP has consistently nurtured emerging leaders, equipping them to champion human rights within clinical settings. However, recognizing persistent inequities and oppressions within Tunisian hospitals and medical faculties, we feel compelled to tailor HRMP towards addressing the rights of vulnerable and marginalized populations, including women, children, the LGBTQIA+ community, and others. Our focus on health equity aims to combat prevalent stereotypes, prejudices, and discrimination. Titled ‘Human Rights for Medical Practitioners: Ethical Principles Concerning Minorities and Vulnerable Populations,’ this workshop aims to empower participants with essential knowledge and skills to advocate for equitable healthcare nationally and internationally. Recognizing the pivotal role of healthcare in societal well-being, we emphasize the importance of protecting individuals and groups from violence and abuse through advocacy techniques. While incorporating informative sessions and interactive discussions characteristic of HRMP, this workshop transcends mere instruction. The graduation assessment adopts a debate format to cultivate critical analysis, structured communication, and the ability to engage with diverse perspectives. By honing these skills, we aim to cultivate a new cadre of effective and passionate advocates for human rights in healthcare and beyond.


Are you ready to explore Istanbul? One of the most enchanting cities in the world, Istanbul awaits you with its rich history and culture. Situated at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, you’ll experience unforgettable moments accompanied by the unique views of the Bosphorus. With its historic landmarks, delicious cuisine, and lively markets, Istanbul offers many beauties to discover. Come, let’s explore this magical city together!



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